Factory Details

We are a 100% EOU located in the strategic region of Hyderabad, Telangana, INDIA. The Factory is spread over an area of over 34,000 Square Meters with a covered area of about 60,000 sq ft. The factory is equipped with state of the art processing equipment imported from Italy.
Our state of the art facility boasts of one Breton Multiwire, Four Breton Gangsaws, two fully automated Breton polishing lines, one fully automated resign line with vacuum system, two fully automated Hensel bridge saws, one fully automated Commandulli edge profiling machine, two fully automated Pelligrini wire saw. We also have a fully automated water recycling plant from Fracoroli & Balzan, Italy.
The factory has a processing capacity of over 300,000 Square Meters per Annum and employees over 200 skilled personnel who are dedicated to attain perfection in every step of the process from block selection to processing and Quality control and Packing. The factory is capable of producing slabs of various thicknesses, cut to size, prefabs vanities, counter tops and other intricate designs in various thickness and sizes


Slabs Stock Area
Slabs Stock Area
Factory Night View
Factory Top View